Quotes Poland vs. Switzerland


Switzerland head coach Milenko Tomić
"Although we lost the match to Poland, we are satisfied with our attitude on the court. This was the first confrontation of our national team with the Polish one and at the same time a very precious experience for the future, the same with the matches with Serbia and Montenegro. The Poles were definitely physically better and were able to use their strength."

Switzerland player Alexia Rol
"We did a great job. We were close all the time, even in the third quarter. Unfortunately, we were unable to change the course of the match in the last five minutes. Such meetings like this match with Poland is a great experience for us."

Poland head coach Jacek Winnicki
"I would like to thank the girls for a wonderful and unforgettable time spent together and for the whole qualifying rounds. We are probably the only team in this tournament which didn't go through to the European Championship, having played in 8 matches with 6 successful ones. We lost with only a few points in fight with Serbia and Montenegro. Having lots of twists and turns, we managed to create a wonderful team. I'm glad that we fought till the end. I would like to thank all my co-workers. We tried to do our best. It's a pity we didn't go through."

Poland player Joanna Walich
"The coaches managed to create a great team in a short period of time. They understood each other even outside the court. It's such a pity that despite the victories in Poland we couldn't go through to the European Championship. Although we knew that there were little chances of going through, we fought till the end. I'm proud of being able to play in such a team."