Quotes Germany vs. Sweden


Germany head coach Andreas Wagner
"Sweden earns the first place in our group, today they showed why. Our outside shooting was not good enough to get a winning chance today. But I´m very proud of my team because it never gave up in the whole qualification."

Germany player Sarah Austmann
"We wanted to win this game so much. But in the first half we let them score too much and in the second half we could not score anymore. We are all very sad now. It could have been better, but we can be proud about our fighting spirit."

Sweden head coach Lars Johannsson
"We knew from the first match that Germany has a very strong team. I´m proud that we could keep concentrated today. The first place in this group is a very big thing for Swedish basketball."

Sweden  player Louice Halvarsson
"We just had one option for today: winning! We did a good job defensively in the second half. I have no idea how we could motivate ourselves again today but now I am happy and proud. We will play the EuroBasket Women next year!!!