Quotes Israel vs. Belarus



Israel head coach Eli Rabi:
"I don't know many Israeli national teams that beat a team that's ranked third or fourth in the world. We didn't play very well today but we played against a tough opponent, we're at a disadvantage at almost every position. The players put in great efforts, I'm very proud of them. This is a win I will never forget."

Israel player Liron Cohen:
"I didn't have a great game but I would give everything I have for my team and my coach who is very dear to me. He decided to give me the last shot and I couldn't let him down. We showed a lot of heart today. I think this is one of the biggest wins in our history."

Belarus head coach Rimantas Grigas:
"Congratulations to Israel. I guess we were tried today, it was hard to rotate, now it will be harder for us to qualify, we didn't have to win tonight but now we have to win next game."

Belarus player Tatyana Troina:
"We lost one game, it happens. That's the game of basketball. We let them make a run in the last two minutes, we didn't score. We could have secured our ticket with a win, but the loss doesn't knock us out."