Quotes Ukraine vs. Hungary


Hungary head coach Stefan Svitek
"We started well, it was all according to plan, but then the process got out of control and we could not do anything about it. The Ukrainian basketball players were well prepared, it was their key to victory. We fought, but the main mission was not accomplished. So this tournament was bad for us."

Ukraine head coach Vadim Czeczuro
"We were nervous. Because we had to win. We are happy to play at the EuroBasket Women."

Hungary player Katalin Honti
"I think we should have won in Hungary two weeks ago. If we win two weeks ago, maybe we would be playing at the EuroBasket Women next year."

Ukraine player Oleksandra Kurasova
"We are very happy. We worked two months for this victory. I hope that we will play at the EuroBasket Women with the same roster."