Quotes Poland vs. Montenegro


Montenegro head coach Miodrag Baletic:
"The beginning of the match was very poor for us - we were losing lots of points. Moreover, due to back injury, we lost our strong player Jelena Dubljevic. I hope her visit to the hospital doesn't end with anything worse and she gets well soon. I congratulate the Polish team on winning. They did great job indeed."

Montenegro player Ana Turcinovic:
"Congratulations for the Polish team. Today they played really well in ofence and defence. We started really badly in defence. We constantly had to make up for the loss. I hope Jelena gets well soon and her problems from two years ago don't come back."

Poland head coach Jacek Winnicki:
"I congratulate the girls on playing with great involvement and determination. Once again we proved that we can play basketball and we are able to defeat strong European teams. Thanks to all spectators in Inowrocław- they created an amazing atmosphere!"

Poland player Joanna Walich:
"This competition was hard for us. We started really well and then came a weaker moment. We were fighting till the very end, at the same time showing our strong characters. We showed we are a tight team and we can play basketball."