Quotes Belgium vs. Netherlands


Netherlands head coach Meindert Van Veen
"For 25 minutes we controlled the game. Following the injury of Tanya Bröring we lost control and had no more reaction against Belgium with 3 point shots."

Belgium head coach Benny Mertens
"After 7 games we lost, I'm so pleased with this win against Holland for my young team.  The team worked very hard, made progress in defensive and offensive play.  We're making progress."

Netherlands player Tanya Bröring
"We had no reaction when Belgium played more agressive in the second half."

Belgium player Laurence Van Malderen
"The last two games we followed better the instructions of the coaching staff.  We believed in our changes and took over the game in the second half.  We were better organised in defense and scored more than 70 points. It's a good feeling to finalize this campaign. I'm confident fot the next steps with this young team."