Quotes Romania vs. Sweden


Sweden Guard Elin Eldebrink
"It was a very tough game, as tough as any qualification game. I'm very dissapointed, especially for myself. Anyway, there a lot of games therefore and we have to move on, we have to forget the game against Romania."

Sweden Head Coach Lars Johansson
"Romania did a really good job today. We had a good defensive game but we couldn't find our offensive rhythm, and this was the key of he game. Now we have to concentrate for the home game against Spain."

Romania Forward Gabriela Marginean
"The first game is always very tough. Today we had a sixth player helping us: our fans. The public was great and helped us a lot. We played pretty well, but we could have played better and we hope we'll prove this in our future games."

Romania Head Coach Dan Fleseriu
"We've expected to have a tough game against Sweden and the emotions of the beginning were obvious in the first two quarters. In the second half we improved our defensive game, and payed more attention in the offensive. I want to congratulate my team for this victory."