Quotes Romania vs. Bulgaria


Romania head coach Dan Fleseriu
"It was very difficult and we succeeded to win in overtime. I want to congratulate my team for the attitude and for the effort. Against Bulgaria there were two tough games and I am happy that we won both of them. I hope in theĀ  future we will establish a more promising team."

Romania forward Gabriela Marginean
"It is an important victory for us. It was the last game that we played in front of our fans. We wanted to win and we fought until the end. I think it was a beautiful game. The last seconds were very difficult, because we were exhausted. I am very happy that we finish this campaign with a victory!"

Bulgaria head coach Jose Maria Buceta
"It was a very interesting game. Both teams showed that they wanted to win the game. It was the last game of the competition and we were tired. Anyway, my team and Romania played with the heart. We were very close to winning, unfortunately we lost in overtime. In the end I am happy with my team and I am very proud to coach them. It was a big honor to me and I tried to do my best."

Bulgaria player Radoslava Bachvarova
"It was a very tough game. The Romanian team is very good and it was hard for us. Every game was difficult, we lost also in Bulgaria very close. In these preliminary games I think the Sweden was the most difficult opponent."