Quotes Spain vs. Germany


Germany coach Andreas Wagner:
"We had too many turnovers and we could not attack the defence of Spain. We could not stop their fastbreaks and the game was lost after the third period."

Germany player Roli-Ann Haldin:
"In the beginning we played very well, especially on defence, but Spain is a great team and we could not fight for the victory. This competition is very long, and they have to play in Germany. This match will be different."

Spain coach Lucas Mondelo:
"We lacked a bit of precision in some attack situations, but this is normal, because Germany has defended very hard. We started a little nervous, but once we've gotten into the game, we have achieved an equilibrium with starters and bench players, which allowed us to be stable and give a twist to the game. We have made Germany lose 21 balls. They are a team who like to play slower, not to lose balls and that was the key. Everyone has been good in the role they've played."

Spain player Elisa Aguilar:
"For me it's a very special game and also an emotive day because of reaching 200 games with the national team. It's a very special group. Not so many players get into this group and every time I get to play with the national team, it's an honor. The two tickets for EuroBasket Women would be between Germany, Sweden and us, on theory. It has been an important game, not only because of the victory, but also to recover and forget last game day's defeat. We have to enjoy today, but tomorrow we have to think about Romania in order to win on Saturday."