Quotes Finland vs. Italy


Italy player Ilaria Zanoni:

"We had already assured our spot at the 2013 EuroBasket Women but we wanted to finish with another win. It was a little difficult to stay focused in the beginning, but we did a good job once we got it going. We have a new team with some really young players who are together only for the first year, but if we practice well enough, we are going to do something good in France."

Italy coach Roberto Ricchini:
"It was our goal to finish well. We had the opportunity to finish 7-1 and we did exactly like we wanted. Almost every game in our group was really tough and that is a very good thing for our future. The first half was tough, but when we started to execute our defense, things started going our way. We probably had a deeper lineup than Finland and maybe they got tired when we got our things rolling."

Finland player Taru Tuukkanen:
"We wanted to win so of course it's tough right now. We had silly mistakes we couldn't overcome: we turned the ball over too much, didn't box out. But looking at the bigger picture, these were really good qualifications for our team. I believe we have improved tremendously as a team and I'm looking forward for the decades to come."

Finland coach Anton Mirolybov:
"It's frustrating when we play excellent defense but we let it all go when opponents get 2-3 offensive rebounds in a row. If we could have taken those rebounds, we could have controlled the first half. In the second half we started getting rebounds, but then we just threw the ball to the hands of the opponents all the time. We've had a brilliant summer but couldn't get what we wanted in the last game."