Quotes Luxembourg vs. Greece


Andreas Mavros, Greece assistant coach:
"It was a very difficult game, Luxembourg play a very fast game and with their small size, it has been very difficult to defend against it. We miss two very experienced players, one is injured and the other must rest so we have a very young team, in a very tough group with Finland and Latvia, and Italy, each with ambitions to fight for a qualifying place. It will be very hard, but we will go to Finland to win. After two losses we had to [win to be] reassured here, but we had difficulties in rebounding, as well as in defense or we have not been aggressive enough. Congratulations to Luxembourg, they have a good team."

Zoi Dimitrakou, Greece:
"[It was] a very complicated game, but after two straight losses, we had to win, and although I am not happy with our performance I think the best team won tonight. Luxembourg has a good team with completely different systems and very fast, we had some difficulties adjusting [to their game]; we had little information to prepare for this game."

Hermann Paar, Luxembourg coach:
"[It was] a very good performance from us. We played with heart and desire and we had the opportunity to narrow the gap. We must continue to learn and work hard and above all enjoy the highest level and never make the same mistakes in the future. We really lack experience, and I congratulate the opposing team, but I want to congratulate our girls for the performance they just delivered."

Tessy Hetting, Luxembourg:
"[I am] disappointed, because I think there was an opportunity to do even better, but other than that, in reflection, I think we had a good performance. There have been ups and downs, we have to continue to change that, but we proved we can and more each day passes, the better we feel and with a little more experience at the highest level then it can get better and better."