Quotes Sweden vs. Spain


Lucas Mondelo, Spain coach:
"I congratulate Sweden for the win and a great game, maybe even a perfect game. We will be very motivated to meet them in Spain."

Lars Johansson, Sweden coach:
"I'm not perfectly educated on Swedish basketball history before 1987, but this is definitely the biggest win for us since I became head coach. I am a coach, so I don't think we played a perfect game, but we played very well. Frida Eldebrink got off to a good start and that's important to us. She is a leader and when she plays well the rest of the team gets more confident."

Elisa Aguilar, Spain player:
"Sweden played very well and made everything difficult for us. In my opinion they played a perfect game. They put pressure on us in defense and made unbelievable shots. We know that there are more games to come, this one is history. We look forward to the other games and look forward to meeting Sweden in Spain."

Frida Eldebrink, Sweden player:
"It was a special game for me, coming home and playing for Sweden in my hometown, in front of friends and family. We played really well, this is probably the biggest win I've been a part of with the Swedish national team. But we want to prove how good we are, we are not satisfied just because we beat Spain. There are more games to come and we will try to win them too."