Quotes Finland vs. Luxembourg


Finland coach Anton Mirolybov:
"I can congratulate my team because of a great effort. Our game was so-so last week in our last preparation game against Estonia, but tonight the players did exactly what they are supposed to do. We want to play 40 minutes with high intensity using our whole rotation, and when the players have a game like this, it's easy for a coach to smile. I am sure this win boosted everyone's self-confidence and we are more than ready to play for a win next Saturday in Greece. Greece is a big and experienced team and we will have to focus from the start."

Finland player Taru Tuukkanen:
"Some of us had goosebumps before the game since this was the first qualification game but I think it was clear from the beginning that we would be able to keep this game under control if we just concentrate on our strengths and execute well. We shot well, took 20 rebounds more than the opponent and had more steals than turnovers - those are pretty big things in the game of basketball. The next opponents play on a whole other level. Nevertheless, I am convinced that this year we can go out and play for victory instead of just doing our best."

Luxembourg coach Hermann Paar:
"Our main goal was to eliminate Finland's interior game since we have seen that they are at their best when they play around the basket, but Finland showed us they are also an excellent shooting team. I am not happy with the result, but our execution was ok. Tiina Sten played an unbelievable game and she was Finland's best player by far. Tessy Hetting played well while surrounded by young players and we need her in the future. Finland is not going to be an easy opponent for anyone, especially if they play like this."