Bourges Coach Handed Les Bleues Reins
Bourges Basket play-caller Valerie Garnier is to once again follow in the footsteps of Pierre Vincent after the French Basketball Federation revealed she has been promoted to head coach of the senior national team.
Ndour: From Senegal To Spanish Stardom
With unbeaten Spain trying to achieve an unprecedented three-peat at the U20 European Championship Women, one player who will turn only 19 next month is at the fore of their efforts.




The Full Story
EuroBasket Women 2013 in France is in the books and you can watch a summary with the best moments and most important games.
Novak Impressed By France Event
Kamil Novak has returned pleased from France where he experienced his first EuroBasket Women as the FIBA Europe Secretary General.
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15.06.2013vs MNE63-77
15.06.2013vs SRB76-68
15.06.2013vs SWE64-63
15.06.2013vs LTU89-77
15.06.2013vs UKR78-52
15.06.2013vs BLR39-60
15.06.2013vs ESP72-77
15.06.2013vs LAT62-39
16.06.2013vs SVK68-75
16.06.2013vs CRO57-43
16.06.2013vs TUR57-66
16.06.2013vs GBR56-69
16.06.2013vs ITA71-59
16.06.2013vs CZE51-70
16.06.2013vs RUS68-57
16.06.2013vs FRA32-76
17.06.2013vs MNE60-72
17.06.2013vs LTU67-72
17.06.2013vs TUR48-66
17.06.2013vs SRB56-62
17.06.2013vs RUS66-72
17.06.2013vs CZE68-74
17.06.2013vs SWE73-49
17.06.2013vs FRA47-79
19.06.2013vs CZE55-66
19.06.2013vs SRB48-54
19.06.2013vs CRO78-70
20.06.2013vs SVK80-44
20.06.2013vs SWE58-69
20.06.2013vs ITA66-46
21.06.2013vs CRO77-64
21.06.2013vs GBR71-61
21.06.2013vs FRA49-64
22.06.2013vs ITA47-58
22.06.2013vs TUR51-72
22.06.2013vs MNE66-50
23.06.2013vs CZE75-59
23.06.2013vs GBR79-85
23.06.2013vs BLR58-50
24.06.2013vs MNE66-60
24.06.2013vs SWE72-75
24.06.2013vs ESP48-61
26.06.2013vs SRB79-85
26.06.2013vs ESP58-75
27.06.2013vs CZE68-72
27.06.2013vs TUR41-55
27.06.2013vs FRA83-87
28.06.2013vs BLR48-69
28.06.2013vs ESP69-88
28.06.2013vs TUR57-49
29.06.2013vs ITA77-60
29.06.2013vs CZE64-50
30.06.2013vs SRB92-71
30.06.2013vs ESP69-70