Quotes Montenegro vs. Serbia


Montenegro coach Miodrag Baletic:
"We knew that Serbia is a very good team, well prepared and well managed. I would not say that Serbia is a team that is in creation, because it is a team that is one of the most serious candidates for a placement in the European Championship. This is a big win for us because we realized it at the start and because we have much less experienced players than last year. Good start, but we must not think that the job is done, because we expect matches with opponents that are very good and have big ambitions."


Montenegro player Jelena Dubljevic:
"We knew that the match will be very difficult and we are not accustomed to the aggressive play by Serbia in the defense. We played against a team that does not give up and plays at a high level all 40 minutes, but as time went on, we have proved our quality and togetherness that characterized us all these years. It is very difficult, not only because the oppontent was Serbia, but also due to the fact that we had to justify the expectations of the nation and ourselves. Most important is that we got the win, but this is just the beginning. I hope that Montenegro and also Serbia will play in the EuroBasket Women."

Serbia coach Marina Maljkovic:
"Montenegro has played a great match. This shoul not be an excuse, but you have to understand that we are a team that is still being developed. We were quite nervous and it has deterred us from playing at our level."

Serbia player Tamara Radocaj:
"I want to congratulate the team of Montenegro on the victory. They were better than us in all aspects of the game, while we have not complied with some of our agreements. We will continue to struggle, to try to correct errors and to achieve a victory in the upcoming match."