Quotes Lithuania vs. Slovak Republic


Slovakia coach  Ivan Vojtko:
"We were a better team for three quarters. We could have led by 10 points, but they shot many free throws and didn't let us gain a larger advantage. We could have had an equal game untill the end, but my players stopped playing in the fourth quarter and we lost by 14 points."

Slovakia player Erin Lawless:
"We did really good job in the first half, but we broke down on defence too much in the second half. We did not guard their shooters what we were supposed to do. We hope to play better in the next game and we will definitely do this. It is only the second game for us so there are much more games left."

Lithuania coach Algirdas Paulauskas:
"We are happy to win this game by 14 points. It's a miracle when you make so many mistakes and let the opponent win so many rebounds under your basket. We won the game because our main players stayed focussed until the end and showed all what they can do."

Lithuania player Marina Solopova:
"We played very well and fought until the end. We wanted to get a win after the previous lost match and did what we had to. We have to forget this game now and get ready for the game with Belgium."