Quotes Germany vs. Bulgaria


Jose Maria Buceta, head coach Bulgaria
"Germany played a very good match today, I want to congratulate them. They had a good shooting night and deserve this win. We faught well but could not keep the same level after the break. Nevertheless we will play hard and concentrated in the next matches."

Bulgaria player Vera Perostiyska
"We played a very good first half today even after being down by six points at halftime. Maybe we were to pleased with our game because we let them control the game in the second half and could not focus again. It seemed as if we were not motivated anymore. Now our chances to qualify are very small, but we won´t give up till the last second of qualification."

Andreas Wagner, head coach Germany
"We could keep the pressure high during most parts of the game. This was the decisive factor today. Anne Breitreiner played an outstanding game and carried us over some weaker minutes. Now there will be a very big game in Sweden and we will have to fully concentrate on that."

Germany shooting guard Anne Breitreiner
"I´m very pleased with our game today. The team helped me a lot to get good shots and penetrations, and fortunately today I was able to score. But everybody of us wanted this win and now we are in a pretty good situation. The game in Sweden is very important and of course we will give our best to win there."