Quotes Switzerland vs. Montenegro


Miodrag Baletic, Montenegro coach:
"After this second win, a new championship must start because of the injury of [Iva] Perovanovic. It's difficult for my main players to play every three days and also because our bench players are not ready yet to take more responsibilities. So I can't be happy after this game and I think our chances to be successful for the remaining games are now very small.

Milenko Tomic, Switzerland coach:
"I'm proud of my team because Montenegro is one of the important teams in Europe. Playing against such teams makes us improve our level. We had problems defending theirt two post players that's why our defensive performance was not as good as against Estonia."

Jelena Dubljevic, Montenegro player:
"Also if I did a great offense performance tonight and helped my team for this win, I'm sad because of the injury to Iva [Perovanovic]. Now competition will be very hard for us.

Karen Twehues, Switzerland player:
"I'm happy with our collective performance and proud of what we showed with my teammates. To lose by 15 against such a great team with many talented players is positive."