Quotes Latvia vs. Italy


Italy head coach Roberto Ricchini
„Our team was not committed for all 40 minutes. The first 30 minutes were good, 5 minutes before the end we were trailing by 6 points. Still, at the end the gap started widening in favour of the Latvian team. They played better in the key points of the game. I take it as a good lesson for our team, which will eventually help us to prepare better for the upcoming matches."

Italy player Giorgia Sottana
„The end result does not really reflect the real level of both teams. We played good for three out of four quarters; still in the decisive points our opponents completely destroyed us. They picked up tons of rebounds at both ends of the court."

Latvia head coach Aigars Nerips
„We could not put our game together at the beginning of the game; still there were moments when the ball moved where it should not. Our key players missed a few shots in the first minutes. The Italian players did the same at the end of the game when it counted the most. In the key episodes, when the opponents took their game, switching our defensive system was the key. There were some errors from our side, still we played good defence and many of their offensive efforts were rejected by our team."

Latvia player Ieva Krastina
„The start of the game was not the way we planned. But we managed to regroup. Exhibition games brought us some losses in the final stage of the game, today we broke the streak. Our opponents crashed, because we managed to make them play our game."