Quotes Poland vs. Serbia


Poland Head Coach Jacek Winnicki
"Serbia is a very good team. We knew that the game would be difficult. In our team many players couldn't play because they were injured. Anyway, we were involved and played like a team should play. Thanks to our fighting spirit we are able to win many matches and I am pleased to say it. We hope that through this Qualification Round we go to the EuroBasket Women."

Serbia player Ana Dabović
"It was a really difficult game, we lost only by two points. We knew that the Polish team would fight from the beginning to the end. They deserved to win, because they were better in the last quarter. It's sad that we lost. The next games are really important to us. I hope that we win the return fixture in Serbia." 

Poland player Martyna Koc
"We showed in this game that we are a team. In the first quarter we were weak, especially on defence. This game was really important to us. I'm glad that we were able to win. I scored the last points, but I don't feel like a hero. Chapeau-bas to all the girls."