Quotes Greece vs. Finland


Alekos Daglas, Greece coach:
"I am very pleased with our performance. We had an amazing performance with the exception of a small period when our opponent turned to zone defense and we couldn't score. It was a difficult game because Finland is a very good team. The girls were focused on defense and on the game. This victory does not mean anything. Now we have to pay attention to the next game and achieve our goal."

Zoi Dimitrakou, Greece:
"We worked really hard throughout the period of our preparation. We had some absentees and we tried to cover for the missing players as best as we could. Today we played with our heads and we performed really well in defense. We wanted a victory to start the campaign but now we have to forget that and focus on the next game against Latvia."

Anton Mirolybov, Finland coach:
"Today we had a very bad game. I don't believe that the performance we had in today's game reflects the abilities of the team. Congratulations to the Greek team which is more experienced and stronger than ours. What we are missing is experience and we need time because we have a very young team."

Taru Tuukkanen, Finland:
"Today we didn't repeat our performance for the previous game. Definitely Greece is a very tough opponent and we couldn't respond to the difficulties of the game. We will try to be better from now on and have a better performance in order to achieve the best in the following games."