Quotes Slovak Republic vs. Belgium


Benny Mertens, coach of Belgium:
"I think in general we did a very good job, but if you have so many offensive rebounds against and you lose so many balls it is very difficult to win a game."

Ivan Vojtko, coach of Slovakia:
"Before the game I would have been satisfied with a win by one point, but in this game we could win by 20 - 25 points. We need to improve our shooting. I am pleased with our play in defense, therefore we get less than 50 points."

Anne-Sophie Strubbe, player of Belgium:
"We didn´t play good game in defense. The offensive rebounds of the Slovakian team hurt us, we didn´t get those loose balls and everytime when they got a second chance, they scored. That was our problem."

Ivana Jalčová, Slovakia:
"The first match was very important and we are very pleased to have won it. At home, we must not lose a duel, if we think of the process. We took the first victory and we are moving on."