Quotes Spain vs. Bulgaria


Spain head coach Lucas Mondelo
"I've lived my debut with much intensity, joy and responsibility. It's very difficult to start, because you play with the pressure of winning. But the most important thing was to win and keep the team. This competition is very long. We have a rotation and during the game we have managed to keep the team and make a correct point average. The defense we have done in the second quarter is what most resembles what we want and what we intend to be. (Our next opponents) Sweden are a dangerous team. They come from losing in Romania and if they lose against us, they could be in trouble. It is a dangerous team, but in a tournament like this nobody gives away anything."

Bulgaria head coach Jose Maria Buceta
"We tried. Spain is a superior team, which is not of this division. We are where we need to be. At half time we lost by 14 points and we didn't give up. I'm happy. Spain steals you twice in a game and you're done. This was not our tournament. Ours begins with the next game. I am convinced that Spain will return to the elite. I wish them the best. We will come out stronger from this game. We have to analyze and correct errors but it is a good start to the championship. We have to keep on trying and we are working well. Bulgaria is trying to get again the level we had. Here is a discipline of work but there's no international experience. No players with experience in the EuroLeague Women play in this team."

Spain guard Elisa Aguilar
"We knew it was going to be very close. At the beginning we had to be strong. We have defended. All the team joined to play and the most important thing is that it is a victory.We all like to play at Olympics and EuroBasket. We had many years of success and I think one fall can't throw so many years of work out. I think we've shown that we are always more united than ever and every time I come here I'm proud to play for the Spainish NT. Now there is a mix between young players with more experienced players. There are very talented, very competitive and what we have to do is to qualify for next year and be at the highest level."