Quotes Belarus vs. Hungary


Belarus coach Rimantas Grigas
"Surely the audience appreciated the girls' dedication. We did not score 70-80 points, but worked through each episode, and actively interfered our rivals. Hungarian snipers sometimes did not have time even to throw the ball. In active defense only the legs and the body are working. Our players have an idea from somewhere that you can wave your hands, although you just need to keep them at the top. So we got unnecessary fouls."

Belarus player Nataliya Trafimava
"The most difficult part of the match was to score. Our opponent did not allow to gain 50 points, but their attack was also not good. We should pay more attention to the attack, and polish the defense only."

Hungary coach Stefan Svitek
"A defeat with a difference of only four points in a match against such a good team gives me a reason to look ahead with optimism. I think the result of the game largely was determined by the two long-distance shots of Tarasova, and in the end of the match Verameyenka has made a statement."

Hungary player Katalin Honti
"We played well in defense, but the Belarusians acted better. We realized less than 30 percent of the shots from the field without scoring a single three-pointer ... No wonder that we lost."