Quotes Slovenia vs. Netherlands


Netherlands coach Meindert van Veen:
"I am very disappointed with the first half, our heads were down and we didn't play any defense. In the beginning of the second half we scored some points and lowered the difference a little bit. If you play like we did in the second half it is no problem even if you lose, but in the first one we didn't show any character."

Netherlands player Tanya Bröring:
"In the first couple of minutes we have played basketball, but later we stopped doing everything what we can - in defence we were not aggressive enough and in offence we did not use the space we had. This happened also in Lithuania."

Slovenia coach Boris Zrinski:
"The first half was one of the best in the history of Slovenia's women's senior national team. We have dominated in rebounds and in quickness. In the second half we have played totally differently - with less aggressiveness, we were losing concetration, we failed to score some open shots and the most important - we didn't return in defence like we did before. I think we can be happy with what we achieved in the first three games but now we have to cool our heads and prepare in peace for the next game against Slovakia."

Slovenia player Teja Oblak:
"This is our third win and I think a very deserved one. I dedicate this win to Tjasa Gortnar, who has injured herself. In the first half we have played really good, in the second part of the game litlle less, but the difference in quality was too big in the end."