Quotes Bulgaria vs. Sweden


Sweden coach Lars Johansson:
"I am satisfied with this win. Both teams played a good first half offensively. Bulgaria shot very well. I think, we stepped up in the second half. Our intensive play in defense was the key for winning this game."

Bulgaria coach Jose Maria Buceta:
"We couldn't keep the good organization in offense that we had in the first half. It was difficult to score in the second half. We could not find a way to defend Sweden. We tried a lot of different things, but they had a really good day in shooting."

Bulgaria player Jaklin Zlatanova:
"We were a little bit tired in the second half. This is not an excuse, of course. Sweden shot great today, we were not expecting so good scoring from the Swedes. We were surprised. We should improve our game and think only of the next games. We will fight for our chances to the very end."