Quotes Latvia vs. Greece


Greece coach Alekos Daglas:
"Latvia took lead early in the game and played much better than us. We did very bad in the first half, both on defence and offence. In the second half we played good on defence. I was happy about our team effort in the second half. Latvia was dominant inside so it was difficult to come back. We are now thinking about the next game against Italy in our gym. At home we play much better than we did tonight."

Greece player Zoi Dimitrakou:
"We started bad and didn`t play how we wanted on defence - hard, tough, aggressive. That hurt us. Afterwards, in the second half we played on defence as we wanted. Unfortunately it was difficult to overcome the deficit."

Latvia coach Aigars Nerips:
"The victory is in the books now, nobody can steal it. We are not sorting our opponents, meanwhile every victory for our young team is a good achievement. We use our best players and try to give chance for all players. If you play well your two minutes it`s important for the team."

Latvia player Zane Tamane:
"We expected a difficult game. Our preparation was intense and we started well. After a successful start into the game it was much easier psychologically."